Here is my super crappy sketch. Today’s scetches of just Hat were too derp and must be re-done! I really need to just accept that tiny little drawings seem to be all I can manage. 

Drew this a while back, actually, then lost it. Got inspired by a brief encounter with a Cheshire Cat girl, and then Lush is a joke Gotham villain I made with some friends one day. She’s only a villain when drunk, and ALL her stuff is themed around that.

Like her boys are called “Smashed” and “Hammered.” They drive around in a “drunk tank” (but the driver is always designated, be safe folks!), and her dogs she calls her “chasers”. She’s an utter disgrace, half the time Smashed and Hammered are actually tricking her into doing heists and stuff (making her think it was her own idea) and they make off with some loot while she gets taken down. No matter how many times that happens though you can’t convince her the boys are no good. 

And good god now I want to make this an actual account, but eh? o_O

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